Minor Eye Conditions Service

If you have a recent problem  with your eyes – such as sore eyes, red eyes or visual disturbance – you can be assessed and treated by the Minor Eye Conditions Service.

This is a free NHS service available from a number of local opticians. See below for more information of what conditions are covered and how to book an appointment.

What is a Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)?

Conditions that can be seen under the service include:

  • Red eye or eyelids
  • Dry eye, or gritty and uncomfortable eyes
  • Irritation and inflammation of the eye
  • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
  • Recently occuring flashes or floaters
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision
  • Foreign body in the eye

Please note, this is not a sight test

Also, if you have a major eye condition that is being regulary monitored by your optometrist or hospital eye service, this will not be covered by this service; for example, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.

Where should I go?

Regsistered optomety practices (opticans) offering the service are listed below. An appointment will normally be required, so telephone first. Appointments are available during normal working hours and some practices offer appointments at weekends. Not all practices have an optometrist available every day, but if they dont, they will be able to find you an alternative appointment nearby.

Who is this service for?

If you are registered with a local GP you can use this free service. It is for poeple of all ages – adults and children. Children under 16 years must be accompanied at their appointment by an adult.

How do I book an appointment with the service?

To make an appointment, call one of the opticians listed below. You will be asked some questions about your symptoms in order to assess how quickly you need to be seen by the service, which will be within 24 hours in urgent cases and within a few days for routine appointments.

Please take your glassess and a list of your current medication with you to the appointment. The optometrist may put drops in your eyes to enlarge your pupils in order to get a better view inside your eyes. You should not drive until the effects of these drops have worn off, which may take a few hours.

If your condition is more serious, the optometrist will book you an urgent appointment at a hospital eye clinic. If you need a routine appointment with a hospital, the optometrist will organise this for you.

You may also be advised to make an appointment with your GP if your eye condition is relation to you general health.

Participating practices

  • ADS Eyeclinic, 19-23 Norton Road, Stockton, TS18 2BW, 01642 676327
  • Bayfields/ R Mottershead Optometrist, 12 Market Place, Barnard Castle, DL12 8ND, 01833 631849
  • Boots Opticians Hatlepool (Roberts Eyecare), Unit 137 Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, Hartlepool, TS24 7RZ, 01429 891291
  • Boots Opticians T/a Darlington Eyecare Ltd, 24a High Row, Darlington, DL3 7QW, 01325 466019
  • Cooper & Barr Opticians (Sedgefield) 4 Front Street, Sedgefield, TS21 3AT, 01740 582060
  • Cooper & Leatherbarrow Ltd, 10 Duke Street, Darlington, DL3 7AF, 01325 463267
  • G.a And J.m Foster Opticans, 92 High Street, Willington, Crook, DL15 0PE, 01388 746800
  • Gibson Opticians, Blandford Buildings, Dene Terrace, Horden, SR8 4JF, 01915 862484
  • Grundy amd Naisbitt Ltd, 1 Sanderson Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DF, 01913 770628
  • I.M.Anderson Optometrists, 3 Mautland Street, Houghton Le Spring, DH4 4BH, 01915 842226
  • K Mcguinness Opticians, Avenue House Greenwell Road, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4DH, 01325 316600
  • L J Robley, 22b Front Street, Framwell Gate Moor, Durham, DH1 5EJ, 01913 860734
  • Mellis Eyecare, North Ormesby Health Village, 10 Trinity Mews, North Ormesby, Cleveland, TS3 6AL, 01642 225671
  • R J Naisbitt Optometry, Co op Buildings, Hedley Terrace, South Hetton, DH6 2UE, 0191 520 8059
  • R Young Opticians, 3 Clifford Road, Stanley, DH9 0AB, 01207 232524
  • Sight Durham Ltd, 5 Osmond Terrace, Shiney Row, Hough le Spring, DH4 4QN, 01913 852044
  • Sight Ltd, 34 The Chare, Peterlee, SR8 1AE, 01915 865671
  • Simon Berry Optometrist Ltd, 41a Marshall Terrace, Durham, DH1 2HX, 01913 757544
  • Specsavers Bishop Auckland, 45 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7EW, 01388 606080
  • Specsavers Chester Le Street, 66 Front Street, Chester Le Street, DH3 3BD, 01913 872930
  • Specsavers Consett, 45 Middle Street, Consett, DH8 5QP, 01207 586910
  • Specsavers Darlington, 41 High Row, Darlington, DL3 7QW, 01325 461155
  • Specsavers Durham, Unit 2, 1-4 North Road, Durham, DH1 4PW, 01913 839495
  • Specsavers Hartlepool, Unit 134 Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, Hartlepool, TS24 7RD, 01429 233444
  • Specsavers Newton Aycliffe, 55 Beveridge Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4DP, 01325 328800
  • Specsavers Peterlee, Unit 8, The Chare, Castle Dene Shopping Centre, Peterlee, SR8 1AE, 01325 328800
  • Specsavers Seaham, Unit 10b, Byron Place, Seaham, SR7 7DR, 01915 133030
  • Specsavers Swaledale, 2-4 King Street, Richmond, DL10 4HP, 01626 870513
  • Specsavers Washington, 88 Albany Mall, The Galleries, Washington, NE38 7RT, 01914 192525
  • Stewart Eyecare, 99 Front Street, Wickham, NE16 4JL, 01914 882474
  • Timlin Opticians, 6 Upper Church Street, Hartlepool, TS24 7ET, 01429 233515
  • T M Hedley, 23 Front Street, Hetton Le Hole, DH5 9PF, 01915 263134

Information last updated 26th September 2019


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